/“Youth Leader” Program Returns To Julia Landon

“Youth Leader” Program Returns To Julia Landon

Julia Landon continues to develop leadership skills in the seventh grade through community awareness and service.  The school year began by introducing the students to the principles of military leadership.   To achieve this, the Julia Landon Lions have teamed up with the Army National Guard for their Leadership in the Community outreach project “Youth Leader.” The main purpose of the Youth Leader program is to teach students how to incorporate leadership into their daily lives.  The program offers students inquiry-based instruction focused on guided discovery with corresponding activities that relate directly to leadership values. The activities encourage students to work together to achieve a common goal.  Each leadership value covered during the course is reinforced by a hands-on activity to demonstrate its meaning and importance.  Through group discussion and experiential activities, students connect these core military values to our middle school focus on leadership which they routinely practice in their classes. The three day program concluded with an opportunity for students to scale a 26 foot rock wall.  The student response to the program was extremely positive. Students came away from the Youth Program with a sense of accomplishment and respect for one another.  There is a saying “to those who much is given, much is expected” and the Julia Landon Leadership Corp will be sharing their many gifts with their community this year.