/Meet Mr. Rhoads

Meet Mr. Rhoads

Robert “B.R.” Rhoads is the new principal at Hendricks Avenue Elementary  (HAE) .    “My first job is to listen and learn”, Says Hendricks’ new leader.   He is asking 3 questions to guide is actions at Hendricks : 1)  What is there to celebrate at Hendricks ?  2) What unique challenges exist ? And 3)  How can we tweak Hendricks to make it a better place to learn and grow ?

He has learned in his short time at Hendricks that the community can truly celebrate its highly committed teachers who support their students and our most dedicated parents.  “This school also has a record in educating the whole child, which includes social, intellectual, and emotional development.”

A primary challenge B.R. is facing  is the fiscal crisis challenging most Florida schools.  He and the entire learning community are forced to think about how they can focus their energies on what will yield the greatest results with the students during time of limited financial resources.  “Use of all resources must be carefully thought through”.  Mr. Rhoads is committed to working “smarter” to yield greater results during these times of limited funding. 

Mr. Rhoads is doing whatever it takes  in supporting the students at HAE.  “We must continue to focus on fostering a safe school, both physically and emotionally.  We must orchestrate strong relationships for learning, and the staff and I expect that out of everyone at our school.  We also expect high levels of academic achievement for ALL students”.  He has a passion to see that each child is successful, and he wants to foster a joy filled learning environment.