/San Marco Luminaria

San Marco Luminaria

The annual ‘night of lights’, the San Marco Luminaria, took place last weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday nights, participating residents lit the candles that lined their sidewalks or streets, and created a lovely glow-in-the-dark of shimmering candles amongst the beautiful streets and homes of our community.

On Saturday, a complimentary trolley took guests on luminary tour, with stops at several of San Marco’s parks.  One could enjoy the display from the comfort of the trolley, or debark at a stop and wander around, picking up the trolley a while later at another of its stops.

Boarding at FEC Park, we enjoyed the ride through the candle-lined streets, stopping for a quick photo at the Duck Pond, and then got off at Davin Park to enjoy the beauty and silence of the luminaries among the live oaks.  From there we walked to the site of the Live Nativity, where another beautiful tableau depicting the birth of Christ was arranged.  Live animals quietly moved about their area, surrounding the manger where Joseph and Mary and the Christ Child rested, with the Three Wise Men.  Children and adults stood amazed at the rope line, taking in the beauty of this quiet enactment of Christmas.  Baby animals along with their mature counterparts were calmly relaxing on the straw.

Neighbor children sold hot chocolate to raise money for the First Coast Cancer Foundation; and the steaming cups of warm, chocolately milk with a few marshmallows on top were the perfect complement to the evening’s festivities.

It was a lovely display of candlelight all over San Marco, the annual San Marco Luminaria.  Thanks to all who participated!