/A Pizza for Every Palate

A Pizza for Every Palate

Did you know that you have a plethora of pizza choices right here in San Marco? It’s true!

Everyone knows that most children like pizza, and families with children enjoy dining out for pizza together. In San Marco, you don’t have to go far to find a place to order a pie with the family, and maybe a few of the friends tagging along? We have the family-friendly Loop Pizza Grill, where the pizzas are great and the kids can be kids. Of course, the menu is more diverse than merely pizza… kids and adults can order any number of delicious meals at The Loop, from salads and soups to burgers and fries. You can check out their menu online.

But it’s the pizza in the piazza we’re talkin’ about here today!

Of course, The Pizza Palace continues to serve a variety of pizzas, from New York style brick oven pizzas; Sicilian thick crust pan pizzas; combination pizzas (in just about any combination you can think of!); and, yes, pizza by the slice: perfect for lunch or a snack. The Pizza Palace has a diverse Italian menu of delicious pasta, and other entrees and salads; with live music on Friday evenings. Pizza Palace is a great casual place for a delicious and authentic Italian meal. Bring the family, the team, some friends, or a date. If you want get your mouth watering, their menu is online; with so many choices you might find yourself ordering more than just pizza!

You might not think pizza when you think of bb’s, so it’s time to think again. bb’s on Hendricks Avenue offers diners a choice of five grilled pizzas on its menu. These pizzas are for the more discriminating diner; a person who’s willing to try something new. Guaranteed delicious – it’s bb’s, after all – guests can try pizzas ranging from their white truffle pizza to their wild mushroom pizza; with a BBQ chicken pizza, a BLT pizza, and the more traditional tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza on the menu as well. bb’s menu is viewable online.

Over at Bistro AIX on San Marco Boulevard they offer six wood-fired pizzas that are typical of the restaurant’s mix of regional French and Mediterranean cuisines. Thin crust, and served with toppings such as salmon; scampi; sausage; prosciutto; mushroom and fontina – each paired with other flavors and toppings that yield a gourmet pizza created to order. There’s also a three cheese pizza with fresh tomato and basil, so clearly, there’s a pizza for anyone at Bistro AIX. Check them out online to consider your pizza preference in advance!

Finally, there’s Taverna, which serves its own wood-fired pizza, Neapolitan style. Four pizza offerings are on Taverna’s menu and include a pizza topped with a delicate array of mushrooms; another pizza featuring fried egg with mozzarella and tomato; a traditional Margherita style pizza; and a pizza of the day, which your server will describe when ordering. Taverna’s menu is also online.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to travel across town for a good pizza – from casual to gourmet, your San Marco restaurateurs have got you covered. There’s a pizza for every palate, right in your own neighborhood.

Oh, and visitors are always welcome in San Marco, where fine dining choices abound!