/Valentine’s Day is Monday…

Valentine’s Day is Monday…

… are you ready?

This is your last chance to make reservations, choose a special present, buy that card, or pen a love letter – because Valentine’s Day is just three days away.

You can make a reservation at Bistro AIXTaverna,  or bb’s (just hover your curser over each restaurant’s name and the link is live; you may click through directly to their website for telephone number and a glance at the menu) all of whom will be welcoming guests for a Valentine’s Day dinner.

And it’s not too late to dash out this weekend and pick up something a little special for your sweetheart – be it a man, woman, or child – there really is something for everyone among the shops on and off the Square in San Marco.

Edwards of San Marco is more than just an excellent tobacco shop; you must stop in and see their array of gifts and collectibles, including the fine chess sets that would certainly be a thoughtful and cherished gift for the chess player in your life.  Of course, if it’s cigars/tobacco products he’s wanting, there’s no finer humidor in town.  You can’t go wrong with Edwards of San Marco on your shopping stop.

San Marco Bookstore is the place to go for that one-of-a-kind vintage book; perhaps a book about the Jacksonville area or northeast Florida region?  Of course, the store is well-stocked with all the latest bestsellers and children’s books.  There really is a book for anyone in this shop; and, the largest stock of Papyrus cards and gifts in the region.  Almost everyone loves a book as a gift; it can be a romantic gesture or a thoughtful gift: that’s up to you!

Finally, top any gift off with the gift of chocolate, and everyone in Jacksonville knows it’s Peterbrooke for chocolate.  Peterbrooke carries chocolates of all variety and indulgences – their most popular, of course, being that chocolate-covered popcorn.  For Valentine’s Day, Peterbrooke goes all out, and with only this weekend left for shopping, now is the time to get out the chocolate, whether it’s for your sweetheart, or your child’s teacher – Peterbrooke is the perfect place for one-stop shopping for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gift-talk wouldn’t  be complete without a hint of jewelry as an excellent choice of present…and if it’s jewelry on your list, then hie thee over to Underwood Jewelers as soon as possible and put yourself in their capable hands.  Whether your budget is modest or major, you really can find something sweet, or spectacular, at Jacksonville’s most trusted jeweler, Underwoods.

A note to the gentlemen: don’t be afraid to try any of the women’s boutiques in San Marco.  A salesperson there will guide you through the store and help you choose a clothing item or accessory your Valentine will be sure to enjoy.   On the Square, there are several boutiques to choose from, each with its own unique flair:  there’s Olive,  Reve, Leila’s,  and Rosie True.  If you’re reluctant to choose a clothing item, these shops have great accessories!

Here’s to a Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone.