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District 5 Candidates ForumSouthside Baptist Church, San Marco Preservation Society, & Julia Landon College Prep  sponsored the District 5 City Council candidate forum this past weekend.  SMPS President elect, Doug Skiles, noted that the event was an opportunity for the community to meet and get to know their future council-person.  Julia Landon College Prep was a logical choice as co-sponsor, as the school has a thriving leadership magnet program.  Southside Baptist was the final piece of the puzzle as they continue to play an active roll in the community activities in and around San Marco.  Television personality, Terry Casey, was the moderator for the event.

A nice crowd was present at the event and MetroJacksonville.com’s Stephen Dare also covered the event live on the internet.  The only disappointing aspect was the absence of three of the candidates.  However, after hearing Lori Boyer address the questions we may have been given a clue as to why the other candidates didn’t show up.  Lori was well prepared and spoke with focus and confidence.  It’s hard to image anyone else doing a better job.  Questions were submitted to SMPS by the San Marco community with the exception of the question developed at JLCP.  Student representatives Matthew McKetty. and Carli Crump. explained the process for developing their question and presented the question at the forum.  Other JLCP students were on hand to act as ushers and to observe the process. MetroJacksonville.com’s coverage of  the event can be viewed at http://www.metrojacksonville.com/forum/index.php/topic,11332.0.html .   More information about Lori’s campaign can be viewed at www.LoriBoyer.org.