/What is a San Marconian

What is a San Marconian

Recently I was reading a post on MetroJacksonville.com that referred to residents of San Marco as San Marconians, a rather clever turn of phrase. It started me thinking about what it is to be a San Marconian. I love living and working in our neighborhood for all the obvious reasons – historic charm, walkability, friendly neighbors, shops and nightlife, and green spaces. However, some of the quirks of our neighborhood are just as endearing.

A San Marconian:
1. Always expects floods with even the smallest rains
2. Hears trains throughout the day and night and can’t really go anywhere without crossing the train tracks
3. Knows the square is much more than a shape
4. Enjoys the outdoors – walking, running or biking
5. Works vigorously to preserve and improve our neighborhood
6. Understands closet space is over rated

San Marconians are complex individuals. The summary above is simply that a summary. We could add to the list all day long.