/Get Ready, Get Set, River Run

Get Ready, Get Set, River Run

This Saturday is the 34th annual Gate River Run. For those of us not athletic enough to attempt the great race, which honestly is most of us, Saturday morning brings road closures and fantastic people watching.

It always helps to be prepared, even as a spectator:
If you need to go anywhere on Saturday morning, move your car Friday night somewhere south of River Oaks Road. If not you will be trapped in the neighborhood until mid-morning.
Pick a fun spot to watch the racers. Balis Park on River Road usually has a band. Use the interactive map to select you viewing spot.
Stay hydrated, just because you’re not running does not mean proper hydration is not important. No harm in a morning cocktail, for adults only, while watching the race.
Choose the proper outfit. Athletic clothes are a mistake, you don’t want to be confused for an actual runner and get swept into the race.
Cheer on the runners. Every one need a little encouragement.