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Gate River Run. Jacksovnille, Florida

The River Run: 1st Place Sports

This Saturday, the Gate River Run will be held for its 34th year! It’s the largest 15k race in the country, and in 2010 there were over 19,000 registered runners and walkers who participated in the event. San Marco’s own 1st Place Sports is major supporter of this event, and while registration is now closed, the River Run is always an inspiration to those who need that nudge to begin their own fitness program.

Owner Jane Alred tells us that 1st Place Sports is always available to provide thorough evaluations and recommend proper footwear to avoid injury and maximize your enjoyment of the sport – whether you’re an experienced runner, someone who jogs but would like train for a formal race event, or if you prefer fitness walking as your path to strength and wellness. Jane and her husband own 1st Place Sports and they work with guests who come into the store on a medical recommendations, too.  Check out their website:  http://www.1stplacesports.com and you will see their commitment to information sharing and community involvement.  They can help runners and walkers regardless of their ability and fitness level. No need to feel uncomfortable if you’re just embarking on a fitness regimen.  1st Place Sports helps people of all levels, every day of the week.

The River Run is an exciting event for San Marco, whether you’re a runner, walker or cheerleader. The course wends it way through our beautiful community and San Marconians will be out in full force, aiding participants at water stations, cheering them on with homemade signs and enthusiasm from the sidelines.

The JTC (Jacksonville Track Club) is hosting an exciting event tomorrow evening and Jane Alred tells us it’s not just for runners: it’s for everyone.  Motivational speaker Dick Beardsley is here Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00pm in Riverplace Tower. Beardsley became instantly famous by finishing second in the 1982 Boston Marathon by TWO seconds to Alberto Salazar in the race dubbed “the Dual in the Sun”. After his running career, Beardsley suffered a series of unfortunate events: physical accidents that led to an addiction to painkillers …. but he overcame it all, and with his tremendous gift of motivational speaking, his story touches anyone, and can give you a new perspective on attaining the goals in your life.  He travels and speaks to running groups, schools, corporations, and others.  You need a lift, some encouragement,  a nudge to make a change?  Dick Beardsley is sure to give you something to think about.  It’s open to all, so come on out!  To learn more about Dick Beardsley, go to his website  http://www.dickbeardsleyfoundation.org

Enjoy the anticipation of the race this week!  And remember to visit 1st Place Sports, for your local, informed source for all things running and walking.  With spring in the air, there’s never been a better time to get started and as Dick Beardsley will surely tell you:  it’s never too late, also.

Just do it really is what it’s about.

Good luck to all the race participants, and thank you, 1st Place Sports, for being such an incredible resource and supporter to the running and walking community – not just in San Marco – but all around the Jacksonville area.Gate River Run.  Jacksovnille, Florida