/Dance Trance: Your Local Studio Goes National !
Dance Trance

Dance Trance: Your Local Studio Goes National !

Dance Trance

Local San Marco Dance Trance Studio is growing by leaps and bounds.  Did you know that the Dance Trance program is now licensed to thirty-four different locations across the country?  The Dance Trance fitness program was developed by local husband and wife team Jay and Beth Handline, who’ve enthusiastically grown their brand  nationally while maintaining a strong commitment to the local community here in San Marco.

In January, the national magazine Southern Living took notice and profiled Dance Trance, which is quite an honor for the Handlines, the Dance Trance brand, and the efficacy of the fitness program.  As a result of the article and the national exposure for Dance Trance, they added seven new studios nationally!

For those of you who are involved in Dance Trance already, you know how much fun fitness dancing really is.  You already know that you don’t need to be a ‘dancer’ to reap the benefits of this program.  You already know how easy it is to learn and to follow along, and how the music and the energy in the room during a class takes exercise to a whole new, fun level.  They are always looking for new and fun ways to engage with the community; last year Dance Trance collaborated with some other local groups and organized a flash mob during a beaches street party.  This sort of energy and spirit and community collaboration is what makes Dance Trance so vibrant and fun, and what makes the Handlines typify the ‘go-lo’ spirit of doing business, while taking their brand to the national level.

During the weekend of February 25-27, Dance Trance San Marco welcomed a record 85 instructors from all over the U.S. for a weekend instructor training course!  The next course is happening in July.

It’s so exciting to have our own, hometown Dance Trance studio with the founders such strong, San Marco community advocates. And Dance Trance isn’t just for adults…there are kids’ classes too.  In fact, look for a Dance Trance Kids Performance during the March 17 Affair in the Square!

There are two studios in the Jacksonville area  – one right here in San Marco, and another in Neptune Beach.  The San Marco location opened in 2008. It is the premier Dance Trance studio and was created to be a show case studio for the Global Dance Trance fitness license program.  The funky atmosphere, high sprung floor, stage lighting and exceptional sound system sets Dance Trance apart from any studio in Jacksonville. There is also a DT Shop at this location where you can find all the coolest workout wear in town.  DT Shop hours are Mon – Thurs 11 AM – 7 PM. It’s also open on Fridays and weekends during class times only.

If you’ve been hearing about Dance Trance and would like to explore it, check out the website here where you will find a ton of information on classes, schedules, fees, and you’ll see several videos that’ll show you what Dance Trance is all about.  No need to feel intimidated; everyone was a beginner the first time.  Check them out at Affair on the Square, too, where you can talk to people who love the program!  It’s right here in San Marco, and famous around the U.S.!  It’s springtime, too, so it’s time to get out and get fit.  And if you’re a fitness buff whose bored with your current routine, give Dance Trance a try – mix things up a bit!  It’s totally fun, and truly a local business that’s hitting it big time.

Congratulations, Jay and Beth Handline, and for the rest of us? Let’s dance!