/What a Night to Be Irish: It’s Affair in the O’Square!

What a Night to Be Irish: It’s Affair in the O’Square!

St. Patrick’s Day is always fun, and what a great opportunity to celebrate right here in the neighborhood because… it falls on same night as March’s Affair in the Square!

Of course, this Affair will be bigger and better than ever.  We’ll have longer daylight time, for starters, and spring is definitely here.  There’s something for everyone at the ‘Affairs’ and Thursday’s is no exception.  Bring the kids out: there’s face painting by the talented Pink Ivy (and that’s not just for kids, either…Pink Ivy are talented artists who are probably stocking up on the green paint right about now, and practicing their four-leaf-clovers-with-glitter!). There will also be the fun game ‘fishing for four-leaf clovers’. Look for the kids’ activities outside the charming Woodside Lane – which is definitely worth a visit, for it’s on the Wine Tasting tour for the event.

There are so many of your merchants – twelve shops and boutiques, to be exact – who will be hosting wine tastings, with snack trays.  This will be where you can have your ‘Affair’ passports stamped, too, because don’t forget: there’s a grand prize drawn from all completed passports after the party.  Who wants to win a San Marco shopping spree?

With spring here, it’s the perfect time to wander the shops, which are open late for you, sipping  a bit of wine, and do a little shopping for your spring home and wardrobe?

SMart Gallery always draws a crowd during ‘Affair’ nights. Not only do they feature great  art, as part of the party they’ll be bringing in the Photo Booth by Dan Harris, which is great fun for everyone!  Old school photo booths, digital style for today’s technology.   Pose alone or with a friend, and you’ll get two strips of your four poses – really a great keepsake; it’s a blast to pose with your pals, or someone you love.  Don’t forget to check out SMart Gallery on Thursday.

Eight of your off-Square merchants will be gathered in front of Square One, so stop at their display, as some of your favorite restaurants and service providers have some lovely giveaways for you.  There will be a male and female model search going on (is this your chance to grace the pages of San Marco Magazine?).  In Balis Park, the music will be performed by Little Green Men, apropos of the day  o’course! And, there will be dance performances in the Gazebo!   Dance Trance Kids will be on, and are sure to inspire your kids (and you?!) to get your dance on.  It’s great for fun and fitness, and Dance Trance is really hitting the big time, with a feature in January’s Southern Living Magazine.  Your own hometown dance studio has expanded in a big way!

Ten of our merchants will be offering happy hour specials, so however you choose to celebrate, it’s going to be a fun night!  You know what they say: “Everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day!”  This Affair in the Square is going to kick off the warmer weather season … so we will see you there!  The party starts at 6:00pm and the shops and wine tastings will last until 9:00pm.  Your restaurants and nightlife spots will stay open later as usual, so there’s no need to hurry home.

Celebrate the Affair on the O’Square with your friends in the neighborhood!  See you there!