/Delivery, Yes Please

Delivery, Yes Please

Every day I realize another reason why I love San Marco. Today it is because of Roberts’ Southbank Pharmacy. I have always been a fan of Roberts’ because the people who work there actually know what they are talking about and they are very helpful. Unlike chain pharmacies where you wait and wait and wait and often times there is a mistake with your prescription anyway.

I have twin infants and a preschooler, so loading every one into the car to go on a simple errand like picking-up a prescription is sometimes not worth it. I start to wonder how bad strep throat really is. Maybe I can tough it out with chicken noodle soup. Are the antibiotics really worth it?

Thankfully I don’t have to because Roberts’ Southbank Pharmacy delivers! And thanks to modern technology, my doctor can email my prescription directly to them. All in one day Roberts’ receives the prescription, fills it and delivers. And I do not have to spend twenty minutes getting every one into the car for a one minute drive down the road. Hooray for San Marco and pharmacists that are helpful! Delivering not only prescriptions but also a little bit of sanity to my very hectic day.