/San Marco Streetscape Project Making Progress
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San Marco Streetscape Project Making Progress

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As the sign reads in front of Bistro Aix, “Trust us, it’ll be great when it’s done!”

The San Marco Streetscape project, spanning San Marco Boulevard from Prudential Drive to Naldo Avenue, when completed will offer such features as decorative sidewalks, historic streetlights, new landscaped medians and two roundabouts. In addition, utility and drainage work will be completed.

The Streetscape project is on schedule, with the northbound lane now open from Gary Street to Cedar Street and current work underway in the southbound lane. Work will continue in two-block segments.

Tom McKnight, with the City, confirms that the schedule is “moving along quite well” and has been accelerated so that the business district (San Marco Blvd to European Street Café) will be completed prior to the 2011 holiday season. The entire project (to Naldo) has an estimated finish of fall, 2012.

Debbie Delgado, Aide to District 5 Councilman Art Shad, reports that the construction process has been smooth and practically complaint free. She said that merchants have been pleased with the signs on the street pointing out various businesses along San Marco Blvd.

For further updates, go to www.sanmarcoconstruction.com.