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Let’s Go To The Movies

The fact that I get nostalgic about The NeverEnding Story makes me feel old. Just mentioning the movie I can instantly remember the theme song, how could you forget such a catchy tune. Yes it was released in 1984, no there are no cool graphics or special effects. I am pretty sure the characters don’t have a Facebook page and I don’t even know if it was ever released on DVD. My 9 year old nephew looked at me like I was crazy when I told him it was playing at Treaty Oak Park tonight. It reminded me of when I was a teenager and my parents thought I would really enjoy Animal House. It must be a generational thing but I did not find it as funny as they did.

So for the child in you or to expose children you know to a culture that has long passed them by, go see The NeverEnding Story tonight at Treaty Oak Park. The movie starts at 8:00 p.m. and parking is free. Pick-up food from T.A.G. or Taverna or b.b.’s or Pizza Palace. Maybe the food will enticing enough for the kids. And if the movie is boring they can at least enjoy being outside while they text and Facebook on their iphones.