/A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective

Everyone could benefit from a bit of perspective. I can’t help with perspective on the budget crisis or radioactive material or who should be Jacksonville’s next mayor. But I have heard about an interesting class to change your perspective when drawing. Drawing has never been a skill of mine so I am thinking a bit or perspective is exactly what I need. It seems perspective is the biggest challenge when drawing landscapes or buildings.

Jennie Szaltis, water colorist, will be teaching a drawing perspective class at Trends Home Decor this spring. Registration is now open. The class meets every Thursday for six weeks, beginning next Thursday, April 28th. For $150 you get all supplies and Jennie’s expert perspective. And unlike the budget crisis and Japan’s radioactive meltdown, this class promises to be fun. So every Thursday for two hours, your life could be in perspective.

For more information or to register, contact Jennie Szaltis at jennie@jenniesgallery.com.