/Local Shopping: The Wardroom

Local Shopping: The Wardroom

I love to travel, and shop in new places.  This week I’m on the west coast, and it’s been fun to hit some of the big name shops I’ve only read about in magazines.  Dashing in and out of these places, I couldn’t help but compare these stores to the smaller and independently owned shops and boutiques back at home.

Bottom line is that for me – there’s really nothing I can’t find in our home town shops. Every shopper enjoys scouting out the local talent while on vacation, I’m happy to know that I’m quite satisfied with the shops that we have, so close to home.   Even better is that so many of our shops are locally owned and locally operated,  create  charming neighborhood ambiance: a town square and surrounding area of unique clothing stores, restaurants, books, and gift stores.  I’ve always loved shopping at home, and being among so many large, corporate shops once again amps up my appreciation for the local.

The Wardroom has many cool items that any shopper – hometown or visitor – would appreciate.  Lily Pulitzer tote bags herald one’s love for local (where ever one lives), and is an interesting a shop as any I’ve browsed this week.

There are so many items to pore over here…and many come from local artists (above and below)

…or depict our local life in interesting ways. It’s easy to show hometown support and spirit when shopping locally at The Wardroom.

For over thirty years, The Wardroom has been providing shoppers from here, there, and everywhere, with a plethora of inventory ranging from gifts, to home decor, personal care, stationary…the inventory is continually changing so those of us who do live and shop locally are sure to find something new and different, every week.  Actually, The Wardroom is so replete with interesting items you could probably go in there every day and see something you didn’t notice the day before!

Not everyone is as fortunate as those of us who live near so many fine shops, owned by our friends and neighbors.  It’s really  special,  a town like San Marco, where one can walk from place to place – or just a very short drive away.  Being among the land of corporate retailers has made my loyalty to hometown shopping even stronger this week.