/Liquor or no Liquor?

Liquor or no Liquor?

San Marco Food Store, the conveience store at the corner of Cedar Street and San Marco Boulevard, is attempting to obtain a liquor license for the sale of liquor for off premise consumption. Currently the store sells beer and wine but not liquor. There is concern around the neighborhood that the sale of liquor will cause an increase in traffic and loitering of indigent populations. Is that a valid concern? Should a small business be prohibited from increasing profits and sales because of the nature of the item? Is there real a difference between beer/ wine sales and liquor sales?

If you have an opinion, let your City Council members know. The hearing is June 7, 2011. You have time to email, call and write your City Council members and voice your choice. Stephen Joost, William Bishop, Don Redman, Reginald Brown, and Dick Brown are the Council members that will hear the appeal.