/So You Think You Can Draw

So You Think You Can Draw

Much to my high school art teacher’s dismay, I can not draw a straight line. Not even with the help of a ruler or drafting table. Needless to say my art career ended in high school. I try to draw with  my three year old and his drawings put mine to shame.

Local artist, Jennie Szaltis promises I can learn to draw despite my lack of talent and I will actually enjoy it. Jennie’s studio is located inside Trends Home Decor on Hendricks. This summer Jennie will be teaching people like me the basics of drawing. Beginning June 23rd, Jennie will host beginning drawing classes from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. The classes will be every Thursday through July 28th. The six week session costs $150.00 per person. Maybe by then I will be able to draw something, although I doubt it will be a straight line.

For more information, contact Jennie Szaltis at Trends Home Decor.
3919 Hendricks Avenue