/Hendrick’s Chess Championship

Hendrick’s Chess Championship

Hendricks Avenue Elementary hosted a chess club for its students every Tuesday and Thursday from September through May.  Noted below are the results of the end of year school tournament.

1st grade :

1st place : Clinton H.

2nd grade :

1st place : Alex D.

3rd grade :

1st place : Josiah S.

2nd place : Addison S.

3rd place : Ben A.

4th place : Helena N.

4th grade :

1st place : Haleigh O.

2nd place : Salma D.

5th grade :

1st place : Shaan P.

2nd place : Jacob B.

3rd palce : Carson H.

4th place : Brian K.

Overall 3-5 club winners :

1st place : Andrew L.

2nd place: Chase S.

3rd place : Christina L.

Congratulations to all of the participating students!