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Grillin’ and Chillin’

I know it’s Florida, we cook on the grill year round. But something about a summer bbq is special. It feels like a summer treat, almost as good as long days and ice cream. With all the smoke and extreme heat, firing up the grill is a little less appealing this summer. TAG is offering summer bbq specials that have all the fixings for a classic summer bbq without suffering through the heat and smoke while manning the grill.

You can choose from five different themes:
Backyard grill – burgers, hot dogs, baked beans
Southern BBQ – pulled pork, chicken wings, slaw, watermelon slices
Southern picnic – fried chicken, fried shrimp, corn
Mediterranean BBQ – kabobs, tabbouleh, grilled vegetables
Gourmet BBQ – beef brisket, potato gratin, mixed green salad

Not only will they cook the food but also set it all up and clear it it too. Contact TAG at 396.1213 for full details.