/Property Appraisers in the Neighborhood

Property Appraisers in the Neighborhood

Property values remain a hot topic. Rick Scott approved a bill to lower property taxes, national economists are still worried about sinking property values and staff from the property appraiser’s office have been spotted canvasing the neighborhood. A few neighbors found a member of the property appraisers office in their front and back yards unannounced.

I called the property appraiser’s  office to find out what was happening in our neighborhood and if they are reassessing values in San Marco. By law, the property appraiser’s office is required to do a physical property inspection every five years. The entire county is on a physical property inspection schedule and right now is San Marco’s turn. Staff are required to knock first, wear a city shirt, a city badge, and drive a city car. Reassessments occur every year and do not require a physical visit. Staff are not allowed to come into homes. The property appraisers will be in the neighborhood for the next few weeks.

If you have not checked your property record lately. Now would be a good time, they are all posted online. Any inaccuracies such as square footage, mailing address, pool or no pool, sheds, garages, bedrooms, etc should be reported to the property appraiser’s office. For more information, visit duvalpa.com.