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Something to Chew On

It’s not hard to find a good breakfast, lunch or dinner in San Marco. We are fortunate to be surrounded by talented chefs and tasty eateries.  It is part of the culture of our neighborhood.

It is no secret that the owners of Chew, Jonathan Insetta and Allan DeVault, have been searching San Marco and Riverside for a new location for Chew. I had kept my fingers crossed they would find what they were looking for here. Sadly, as reported in the Florida Times-Union last week, they did not. Their new location will be in Riverside.

In the TU article, DeVault references walkability as one of the factors that influenced their choice of Riverside for the new location. Walkability is not a passing trend but rather the way most Americans would like to live. The San Marco By Design project is focused on creating a plan that will ensure walkability will be a driving force in new development.

This article reinforces the importance of walkability. It is a reminder to all residents and businesses in our neighborhood of the importance of having a clear plan for the growth of our neighborhood. If you have interest in the neighborhood planning going on right now, contact San Marco Preservation Society at 396.0081 or karen@smpsjax.com.