/b.b.’s Blogs; We All Benefit

b.b.’s Blogs; We All Benefit

In case you weren’t aware, b.b.’s now blogs. What might a restaurant like b.b.’s blog about you wonder? Some very important stuff – like the menu for their upcoming South African wine dinner.

South African wines did not start appearing in America until the 1990’s. Lauded by some wine connoisseurs as the best wines of the world, and thanks to the end of apartheid we can now enjoy them. I will not get into a lengthy diatribe of wine speak, full of words like full bodied, humble, finesse and a hint of cedar. I don’t speak wine speak and don’t want to pretend. I will tell you that after looking over the menu, one thing I am sure of is that b.b’s has paired the wines with an exotic menu full of culinary delights including shrimp carpaccio and ostrich steak. The five course meal is $75 per person and reservations are being taken now.

For more information, contact b.b.’s at 306.0100