/What Are Those Poles on the Street?

What Are Those Poles on the Street?

JEA is replacing poles in the neighborhood. They regularly monitor poles around town and replace them as needed. They will be in the area for the next few weeks.

Each pole takes about an hour and a half to two hours to replace. Your power will be out during the process. The crews are friendly and helpful. They understand it is inconvenient to be without power. They will knock on your door before beginning to replace the pole. I f you have an unavoidable need for electricity they will work with you the best you can to accommodate your needs. One crew recently waited thirty minutes to begin a replacement so a resident could blow dry her hair. Even JEA recognizes the importance of a good hair day.

You are much better off speaking tot he crew on your street. They have the most up to date information. Calling JEA’s office won’t get you very far.