/Garage Sale Inspired by Local Child

Garage Sale Inspired by Local Child

Pictured above: Christina, Jake, and Andrew

What I love most about San Marco is our sense of community. In a day where we log our “friends” and “likes” online, it is refreshing to see local businesses helping one another or getting involved in the community and neighbors helping neighbors.

This past weekend, a group of neighbors organized a community garage sale to benefit San Marco resident, Jake, an amazingĀ  young boy who has been diagnosed with Batten Disease, a rare neurological disease for which there is no current cure. Neighbors were so affected by Jake’s condition they gathered together to host a garage sale to raise money for Batten Disease research. The garage sale generated $450 which will go towards finding a cure for this life limiting disease.

It is acts of kindness like this that make me thankful to share San Marco with all of you.