/SMPS General Meeting

SMPS General Meeting

San Marco Preservation Society’s general membership meeting was held Monday evening at the fellowship hall of Southside Baptist Church.  The meeting was well attended and an agenda of timely San Marco topics were discussed.   City Council Member, Lori Boyer, conducted the bulk of the meeting using a town hall format that allowed for questions and audience participation.  She reviewed a range of topics relating to our community, including the San Marco Blvd. construction project, the Hendricks Avenue median updates, River Oaks/Jackson Square, and the upcoming council district re-alignment.  Details can be found at LoriBoyer.org.  SMPS president,  Doug Skiles discussed the work he and SMPS have been doing to resolve the ongoing diseased trees issue at the San Marco Library.  He also detailed the upcoming fall and winter events that SMPS will be sponsoring.  Event details and proposed plans for the library will be available at SMPSjax.com in the near future.  Val Feinberg gave an update on the progress of  the “Safe Routes to School” project/grant at Landon College Prep. and Laura Skiles talked briefly about the upcoming International Walk to School day.