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New Jacksonville Books!

The Broward Family by Robert C. Broward

The Broward Family by Robery C. Broward

The Broward Family is one of the largest, oldest and most famous families in Florida.  This book by Robert C. Broward  chronicles the family from its arrival in 1764 to present day Jacksonville. The family came to treasure Florida and was full of strong and colorful characters: from politicians to gun runners, poets and more.  One grandson even flipped over Frank Lloyd Wrights’s bulldozer!  This book is a must have for all Jacksonville residents!

The Gift of Public Service as told to John L. Young

Frederick H. Schultz is someone that we should all appreciate.  A man who used his wealth and intellect to make a difference in the world.  He brought about more changes in Florida’s government and education system than perhaps any other person in history.  His leadership in his hometown of Jacksonville produced a legacy that we see today in the city’s approach to civil rights, civic activism, education, philanthropy , business and the arts.  Educate yourself today!

Available at: San Marco Bookstore
San Marco Bookstore, Jacksonville, Florida