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Definition FitnessApril 9th began a very exciting class  at Definition Fitness.  Lunch Crunch is an intense 30-minute workout designed for maximum effectiveness in minimal time.  It is intended for anyone looking for an added metabolic burst to his or her training program.  The concept of EPOC will be used…

EPOC, or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, is when your body goes into fat-burning mode immediately after an intense workout session.  The rise in metabolism can last long after the workout has been completed, and the effects can be very dramatic. It is only achieved through means of high intensity, and that is exactly what you will get during your half-hour Lunch Crunch.

Lunchtime can be a roadblock on the road to the body you want to attain. That “2:30 feeling” that the commercials talk about is a real thing that is caused by the combination of being sedentary much of the day with a high calorie lunch.  Lethargy throughout the morning creeps into the afternoon and by the time you are done working you are too worn down and tired to do anything productive.  This is an avoidable situation.  By throwing a burst of exercise into the middle of the day, you will have more energy to do all of the things that you want, and get the body to do them.

A half-hour at lunchtime is not wasted time.  Most people spend their lunch breaks eating high calorie foods and doing little to no activity.  Forget the excuses and join Definition Fitness for a half-hour that will propel you through your day. While you’re there, talk to one of their qualified trainers on how to make better use of the foods you are eating throughout the day and after your workouts.  Refining your lifestyle begins with as little as a half-hour on your lunch break, but where it leads is entirely up to you.  Visit their website at www.definitionfitness.com