/Troop 531 Partners with Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Troop 531 Partners with Wolfson Children’s Hospital

L to R: Mikayla Walburn, Regan Foote, Louria Neel, Courtney Bogani, Jennifer DiLoreto, Teresa DiLoreto, Stephanie Thompson, Laura Thompson

The Girls of Cadette Troop 531 are working on a Girl Scout Leadership award. After having earned their Bronze Award, the troop (Courtney Bogani, Jennifer DiLoreto, Regan Foote, Stephanie Thompson, and Mikayla Walburn) has been spending the past two years working on the next award, The Silver Award. The Silver Award is one of the three major leadership awards that the Girl Scouts
offer and it is the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. Once this is earned, they will move on to earn their Gold Award – which is the highest level of distinction that Girl Scouts can earn.

In order to earn their Silver Award, the girls, either individually, or as a small group, are required to plan and execute a sustainable service project. The Girls of Troop 531 are working on a Rolling Artwork Library Cart for Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Their research supports that art is a factor in the healing process and they have been working with Wolfson on the logistics to initiate the Rolling Artwork Library Cart and how it can be sustained going forward. The objective is to initiate a rolling cart from which children may choose a piece of artwork to hang in their rooms as they are admitted to Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

The troop has been visiting art galleries in the Riverside and San Marco area to educate the local art community of this project to enlist donations for the Rolling Artwork Library Cart.

The troop began collecting art in April and will be delivering the Rolling Artwork Library Cart to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in May. The Auxiliary at Wolfson will be carrying the project forward and continue to place any donated works of art for this cause on the cart for the enjoyment of the children at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The auxiliary has generously offered to take this project forward.

If you are interested in donating a piece of art for the Rolling Artwork Library Cart, please send an email to wchauxiliary@bmcjax.com . This is an ongoing project that we hope will continue to grow.