/San Marco Streetscape Completion Delayed

San Marco Streetscape Completion Delayed

At a May meeting with Public Works staff, the project contractor, representatives of the San Marco Merchant’s Association and Lori Boyer, the decision was made to delay construction of the Naldo roundabout until January 2013. The entire streetscape project was scheduled for completion by October 31, 2012. However, unforeseen circumstances had caused delays in the current phase despite combining phases in an effort to speed up the project. As a result, the contractor could not commit with 95% certainty that the project would be completed on schedule. With that uncertainty in mind, it decided the best course would be to complete the southbound lanes, then move to the northbound lanes in the same area. This sequence would allow San Marco Blvd. to be open for traffic both directions by the end of October. Construction of the final phase, the Naldo roundabout, will be delayed until after the holidays to minimize the impact on the Square.

The paving of the southbound lanes is expected to be complete by June 16th.

Source: Loriboyer.org