/St. Francis Animal Hospital Announces Open Houses for New San Marco Facility

St. Francis Animal Hospital Announces Open Houses for New San Marco Facility

Jacksonville, Fla. (November 29, 2012): St. Francis Animal Hospital, a not-for-profit veterinary hospital, is pleased to announce their relocation to San Marco at 2107 Mango Place, Jacksonville, FL 32207. In this new and bigger location, St. Francis Animal Hospital is offering expanded affordable veterinary services and Jacksonville’s first and only Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment center.
The public is cordially invited to attend an open house to see the new facility, meet the doctors and staff, and learn about the veterinary and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy services provided by St. Francis Animal Hospital. Open houses are scheduled for Thursday, December 13 from 5 to 7pm and Tuesday, December 18 from 11am to 6pm.
“We are happy to be a part of the San Marco community and we are especially pleased to be the first and only veterinary practice in Jacksonville to provide the revolutionary hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. With the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatment center, St. Francis Animal Hospital will be able to provide cutting-edge treatment to expedite healing and treat cases that might otherwise be hopeless,” said St. Francis Animal Hospital founder Dr. Susan Green Shelton.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a revolutionary treatment that safely and painlessly delivers healing oxygen, even to areas with poor blood flow, resulting in remarkable benefits that may be hard to achieve with any other therapy. Benefits of HBOT include accelerated improvements in many conditions including spinal cord and brain injuries as well as slow-healing wounds, stubborn infections, pancreatitis, and snake and spider bites.
Founded in 2004 by San Marco resident and veterinarian Dr. Susan Green Shelton, St. Francis Animal Hospital’s mission is to provide veterinary care to all owned pets in the Jacksonville area. In support of their mission, St. Francis Animal Hospital treats every patient with compassion, providing quality and comprehensive care that protects the special bond that exists between people and their pets. For so long, it has been the philosophy of some veterinarians – and even some pet owners – that if you can’t afford to care for an animal, you shouldn’t have a pet. As common as this theory may be, it is
flawed. St. Francis Animal Hospital believes everyone deserves the unconditional love of a happy and healthy pet and all pets deserve to be in a loving home. Through their dedicated work and support from donors, St. Francis is keeping pets healthy and helping families keep their pets in their homes and out of local animal shelters.
For more information contact 904-674-7223, email info@saintfrancisanimalhospital.org or visit the St. Francis Animal Hospital website at www.saintfrancisanimalhospital.org.