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Ambassadors for Leadership

Julia Landon College PrepEach year the faculty at Julia Landon College Preparatory and Leadership Development School nominate young leaders from the student body to serve as ambassadors for the program. These bright students represent the school at various events throughout the year, particularly during Magnet season.

In January and February, school choice becomes a hot topic in Duval County. Our ambassadors volunteer at the school choice expo, lead tours of the campus and present our program to elementary schools around the district. The main feature of our campus tour is a multimedia presentation in the auditorium, which is co-written by select ambassadors to reflect their experience. Working with administrators and the magnet lead teachers, they craft a series of dialogs and perform them in front of a packed house. They describe the academic and extracurricular programs with wit and authenticity.

Ambassador and performer Sarah McWilliams writes: “Being an Ambassador is an experience I will never forget. When you convey to others the importance of building a strong leader, the feeling of pride you get is irreplaceable. When you make people smile, you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Helping others is key and by being an ambassador, you help others every day. You learn the true meaning of what a leader really is.”

Two time ambassador Ashley Caliel writes: “I enjoy being able to help everyone out that comes to the tours, especially the incoming students.  I know that when I went on a tour in 5th grade, I was really nervous, and so I can only hope that I am able to calm the nerves of everyone coming on a tour for the first time.

Being an ambassador is challenging because you have to do a lot of thinking on the spot! (That’s exciting of course, but still a little difficult!)  You can prepare a script all you want, but you have to be able to quickly answer any questions that the audience may have.  Basically, make sure you know as much as you can about the school!

The ambassador program can benefit young leaders by allowing them to do a beneficial thing for their school.  It’s always a fun experience, so it motivates students to want to help out and give back to the school community.  Being an ambassador helps you to practice all of the leadership skills that you are going to need later on down the road, and I love every second of it!”