/Open Letter to San Marco Residents

Open Letter to San Marco Residents

For most of us, it is rare when we have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in someone else’s life.  However, the residents of San Marco have exactly that opportunity now.  The current construction project in San Marco Square will last for several months and it is already proving a challenge to the businesses.

As you know, San Marco is filled with locally owned shops and restaurants (we’ve all heard this so many times).

But I ask you, do you know what this really means and why it is so important?  It means that when you spend $10.00 at an independently owned store, $6.80 goes back to the city of Jacksonville through taxes, payroll and other purchases.  When you spend $10.00 at a national chain, Jacksonville only gets $4.30.  And worst of all, if you spend $10.00 online, NOTHING goes to the city of Jacksonville.  So when you support local stores, you are directly supporting your hometown.  And, better yet, you can see the faces of the people that are benefiting from that support.  You probably even know some of their names!

These independent stores are part of what makes San Marco such a special community and we need your support now more than ever! The shops and restaurants of San Marco are eagerly anticipating the expansion of Balis Park and the new traffic circle.  However, in the meantime, your support is vital to these locally owned businesses.  Each purchase or meal will help to sustain us as we weather this construction period.  We urge each of you to make an effort to shop and dine with us and help ensure that we too get to enjoy the wonderful enhancements to our San Marco Square.

This is your city and your San Marco.  I challenge each of you to do your part and make a difference today.  Start at your favorite place, then go across the street and go into a store you’ve never been in before.  Explore the new shops.  Venture into a business that you haven’t visited in a long time.  There’s more to do than you think!  In return, you’ll find shopkeepers and restaurateurs who will truly appreciate your business by offering the best products, food and service Jacksonville has to offer.

Desiree Bailey
San Marco Bookstore
February 2013