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Who Makes These Promises Promises

If you have driven south on Hendricks, you must have noticed the large promise banners on the lawn of Southside United Methodist Church.

Each week I have read the new promise and wondered what it means and why are they making promises. Curiosity got the best of me and I called Southside United Methodist to get the details.

Ian Stake, the Director of Evangelism, explained the goal and purpose of the banners, “the congregation believes that God is faithful and shows that faithfulness by keeping his promises”.

Intrigued by last year’s political campaigns full of promises, Pastor Bruce Jones wondered if the church could step up and make bold promises to the community. 52 promises was created as a way for the congregation to serve the community, through making and keeping their promises.

The entire congregation, from children to elderly, has met several times to write promises and refine thoughts. The congregation continues to meet throughout the year to decide on upcoming promises. The promises are not just words, there is action behind the words.

Last week’s promise to “Pump and carb you up” was fulfilled with a Friday night all you can eat spaghetti dinner at the church. This was the church’s opportunity to serve community residents preparing for the River Run.

Promise 4 to “help wash and fold the laundry” referred to the congregations monthly “Suds of Love” ministry when they go to a San Marco laundry mat and do laundry. They pay for the machines, sort, fold and serve food.

The church will continue to issue promises for the rest of the year. Topics range from fun to serious, depending on where God leads them.

While I will not be making community wide promises myself this year, I do promise to read each one posted on the lawn of Southside United Methodist Church.

Past promises, as well as details of how promises were fulfilled, can be seen at 52promises.org.