/Best VETS 24-Hour Weekend Emergency Care in San Marco

Best VETS 24-Hour Weekend Emergency Care in San Marco

Jacksonville, FL :  St. Francis Animal Hospital, a not-for-profit veterinary hospital located in San Marco at 2107 Mango Place, Jacksonville, FL 32207, is pleased to announce the opening of Best VETS 24-hour weekend emergency pet care, conveniently located in San Marco in the same location as the St. Francis Animal Hospital facility.
Finally Jacksonville has an emergency room for pets that’s different from other pet emergency care in Jacksonville. Patient care and client satisfaction are the driving force at Best VETS and the emergency care fees are not inflated because it is after hours. With their commitment to provide their clients the best emergency care and the best service at the best price they can, Best VETS is giving pet owners the peace of mind they need when they need it.
“We are pleased to provide 24-hour weekend emergency services in conjunction with our weekday veterinary services to provide a broader spectrum of care for pets. The cost of an emergency office visit is $66 and everything else costs the same as it does during the day,” said Dr. Susan Shelton, President of Best VETS and founder of St. Francis Animal Hospital. “With our affordable emergency care fees and centrally located facility, we are striving to make emergency care accessible to more people and pets in the Jacksonville area,” said Dr. Shelton.
Best VETS weekend emergency care staff are supervised and trained by a credentialed ER Critical Care specialist and the hours of operation are Friday, 6pm to Monday, 8:30am. For more information, call 904-900-0220 or visit www.BestVETSJax.com.
Founded in 2003 by San Marco resident and veterinarian Dr. Susan Green Shelton, St. Francis Animal Hospital’s mission is to provide veterinary care to all owned pets in the Jacksonville area. In support of their mission, St. Francis Animal Hospital treats every patient with compassion, providing quality and comprehensive care that protects the special bond that exists between people and their pets. For so long, it has been the philosophy of some veterinarians – and even some pet owners – that if you can’t afford to care for an animal, you shouldn’t have a pet. As common as this theory may be, it is flawed. St. Francis Animal Hospital believes everyone deserves the unconditional love of a happy and healthy pet and all pets deserve to be in a loving home. Furthermore, St. Francis Animal Hospital believes it is not right to let an animal suffer with less than ideal treatment because their owner can’t afford to pay. This is why it is a priority for St. Francis Animal Hospital veterinarians to provide the same high level of care to pets of all families over making a profit. Through their dedicated work and support from donors, St. Francis is keeping pets healthy and helping families keep their pets in their homes and out of local animal shelters.
For more information contact 904-674-7223, email info@saintfrancisanimalhospital.org or visit the St. Francis Animal Hospital website at www.saintfrancisanimalhospital.org.