/Teen Space Opens at San Marco Branch Library

Teen Space Opens at San Marco Branch Library

On March 21, The San Marco Branch Library opened a new Teen Space designed to accommodate the many students who frequent the library after school.  I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the library for their positive attitude and willingness to embrace what others might have considered a problem to be eliminated. Over a year ago, I was approached by Dr. Coker-Daniels, then principal of Landon Middle School, regarding proposed reductions in library hours of operation and learned of the potential impact on the students at Landon and their parents. More than a few students walk the two blocks to library/community center after school and stay there until picked up by their parents several hours late. At the time, the Community center, run by the City Parks and Recreation Department, would allow students who participated in a programmed activity, but would not allow students to come and go from their portion of the building. The library became “the place to be”.  While the students were not unruly, their presence was noticeable and impacted afternoons at the Library.  As a result, the library staff chose to embrace them and create this area designed to accommodate their use.  Comfortable seating, sound screens that permit quiet conversation, and wireless access are all part of the new Teen Space.  Thank you to the Jacksonville Public Library system and the staff of the San Marco Branch for your welcoming approach!

(Source: Loriboyer.org)