/First Coast Heritage…

First Coast Heritage…

An Exciting Evening of Food, Wine, and Local History.

Did you know that there were no oranges in Florida before the 1500’s?

When did beef, sugar, wheat… and a surprising assortment of other everyday foods get introduced to our region?

Jeff Spear, author of  “The First Coast Heritage Cookbook”, will regale you with stories about the culinary history along the First Coast, while you enjoy a feast of historically influenced food and drinks, prepared by Chef Jamey Evoniuk, of The Chef’s Garden.

Don’t Miss this opportunity to taste history, and get a first look at this newly released gem of a cookbook!

Date:  May 17th

Time:  7:00pm

Cost:  $75.00 per person

Location:  MDS Design Studio, 3915 Hendricks Avenue

RSVP by May 13th – Ellen@MillworkDesignStudio.com or 904.399.1636