/Poet Kate Cumiskey at San Marco Bookstore Saturday

Poet Kate Cumiskey at San Marco Bookstore Saturday

As part of the official celebration of “Poetry Month 2014”, San Marco bookstore will host poet/writer Kate Cumiskey for a book signing this Saturday, April 12th from 1 to 5pm!  This will also coincide with One Spark, and this year’s Spring Art Festival.  Kate will be showcasing her most recent book, “Yonder”, published by San Marco based Silent E Publishing Company.


“Kate Cumiskey’s Yonder is a wonder — of language, nature, sensuality and humanity.  Her poems weave a family tapestry as entwined and humbly beautiful as the mangroves of Florida’s eastern coast where Cumiskey has lived most of her life.  To wander through Yonder is to come to know that landscape as well as the vivid personalities and quintessential, almost filmic, incidents that underpin memory and story.  The glimpses add up.  We come to know a mother who aims to “build character,” a heroic brother, a father who never complained, never wanted to disappoint the people who loved him.  Cumiskey’s poetry celebrates archetypal bonds of bone and flesh, of births and deaths and the legacy of a family through whom life pulses fiercely, no matter what.  The steadfast “well of love” in these poems is full and brimming, and the taste is sweet. ”

–Terry Blackhawk