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Jacksonville Bike Commuting – National Report

Bicycle Safety in Florida’s Big Cities Ranks Last

Posted by Chris Burns in Cycling Advocacy, on Monday, July 11, 2016.

On a swelteringly hot and sunny afternoon in Florida, imagine you are bicycling with your spouse near your home. The neighborhood trees provides much needed shade from the heat. You wave to your neighbors as you leisurely pass by each residence.

You love feeling your heart pump, your leg muscles moving you forward without the need for an engine or fuel, the quietness of your wheels spinning on the ashphalt, and the sweet, gentle wind on your face. Suddenly, the cool, refreshing image of an ice cream cone reminds you of your recent craving for some sweets.  You venture several miles away for a short stop at Dairy Queen. The route is easily navigated due to several bicycle paths which are separated from all car traffic.  There is a designated bike lane for you to use in one part of your course, where the bike path doesn’t extend.  Your wife and you are completely able to avoid being close to motorists while you gracefully ride your city bikes.  As the afternoon draws to a close, you recall today being the opening day of a manatee exhibit at your local zoo. From the ice cream parlor, you and your wife bike several more miles near the downtown district, parking your bikes at respective racks along the museum building. After touring the exhibit, you head home after a peaceful day of exercise and relaxation.  You eat a full meal but have actually lost weight from your ideal afternoon of exercise.  MOST IMPORTANT, YOU HAVE FELT TOTALLY SAFE THE ENTIRE DAY ON YOUR BIKES.

Insert Loud Record Scratch

Certainly, the above narrative sounds like a picturesque day after a week of exhausting nine-to-five shifts. CAN THIS DREAM BE A REALITY FOR THE MAJORITY OF FLORIDIANS?  Click Here to Read More