/Mural Painting Workshop – Nicole Holderbaum $200.00

Mural Painting Workshop – Nicole Holderbaum $200.00

  • Saturday, October 15, 2016
  • 10:00am  4:00pm

fota3e3Have you ever wanted to produce your art on a bigger scale?!

Have you ever wanted to simply experience mural painting?!

Well, this workshop may be for you!

This workshop is open and friendly to beginners, intermediate, and advanved painters who wish to learn foundational skills in mural painting.

Starting at 10 a.m. we will join together in the Reddi Arts classroom and begin to explore the possibilites of mural painting and discover each of your individual preferences in large scale productions.

During this classtime you will have one on one time with your teacher, Nicole Holderbaum, during which you will be able to pinpoint exactly how you want to approach your mural for the day. Before leaving the classroom you will have a sketch, and approach ready!

Before we go outside to your personal 8ftx8ft walls we will break for lunch which will be provided for you!

Once we are fueled and hydrated we will head outside where each individual will have their own 8ft x 8ft mural wall on which they will create their mural. You will have your very own set of Montana Black spray paint cans accompanied by a set of caps which produce a variety of spray sizes. There will also be acrylic paint provided for use in the mural painting. All painting materials will be provided for you. There will be a few minutes of instruction in how exactly to use a spray paint can as well as how best to utilize the varying cap sizes.

We will be painting outside and working on our murals for approximately 3 hours, or until each individual is content with their work. I am willing to stay longer to work with each individual to make sure they are content with their production for the day. Throughout the process of painting your mural you will have constant one on one instruction and support, and there will always be someone available to assist and guide your through your process.

While outside we will have tents, tables and chairs provided for comfort and shade. We will also have ice cold water in our coolers and big floppy hats to shade ourselves!

Once you have completed your mural you have the option of keeping it. You also have the option of having the mural cut down into a smaller size which you are able to hang and display in your homes!

Beyond the description we have provided for you please feel free to ask questions at any time through comments on the event page or through emails directed to nicosuaveart@gmail.com

The price for this class is $200
This includes lunch, cold beverages, 4 cans of spray paint, acrylic paint, paint brushes, a mural wall on which to create a mural, and of course six hours of instruction from local artist and muralist Nico with assistance from other local muralists and spray paint artists.