/UCOM – Here to help.

UCOM – Here to help.

Please see the attached note from Sara at UCOM (United Community Outreach Ministry).

Through the impact of Irma, we at UCOM feel #SanMarcoStrong #SouthsideStrong and are proud of our amazing Florida. We are all in this together. If you lost power and need food – we are here for you. If you have food in your pantry that you didn’t use, we are here to redistribute to those in need. Remember, food can be redistributed up to a year past the sell by date! Let’s work together and close the gap of those hungry to food they can use!

With appreciate for all that you do for our community,

Sara Mitchell

Executive Director

UCOM UrbanServ, Inc

3349 St. Augustine Rd

Jacksonville, FL 32207

904-396-2401 office