/Hendricks Resurfacing- Cornell to San Marco Blvd.

Hendricks Resurfacing- Cornell to San Marco Blvd.

(Source: LoriBoyer.org) I am sure you have the JEA project along Hendricks Avenue north of University Boulevard which has been ongoing for the last several months. That project was coordinated with an FDOT project to re-surface the roadway. Upon completion of the JEA project, The FDOT project will begin.  Of particular interest in the design are several safety improvements that re-configure intersections and travel lanes.  

The intersection of Old San Jose and Hendricks at Miramar has been re-designed to provide additional safety and eliminate the weave that occurred when those traveling south on Hendricks were attempting to access residential streets south of the intersection while those merging onto Hendricks southbound from Old San Jose were accelerating.

A second change will be the elimination of the dedicated right turn on to Mitchell from the northbound Hendricks.

The connection of bike lanes to facilities on both ends of the projects required the elimination of some on-street parking however it is my understanding that on-street parking was retained adjacent to all commercially zoned sections. There is another issue to consider with respect to on-street parking on Hendricks as well. With the travel speeds on Hendricks and the absence of signalized crosswalks, we don’t want to encourage people to cross the travels lanes mid-block to access a destination across the street.

Reprinted below is the FDOT press release on the project:

San Jose Boulevard/Hendricks Avenue Resurfacing Project to begin

Jacksonville – Three miles of San Jose Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue (State Road 13), from Cornell Road to San Marco Boulevard, will undergo resurfacing and safety improvements starting January 8, weather and schedule permitting.  

In addition to removing and replacing the top layer of asphalt, the project will include pedestrian, bicyclist and traffic safety improvements along the route. Traffic safety upgrades include driveway improvements at Arcadia Drive and sight-distance improvements at San Jose Boulevard South.

For pedestrians, crosswalks at several intersections will be restriped and enhanced and countdown pedestrian signals will be installed at Greenridge Road, Emerson Street, Ridgeland Road, Dunsford Road and River Oaks Road. Crosswalks and pedestrian signals will also be updated at the Hendricks Avenue Elementary School crossing, and a pedestrian island will be constructed in the school zone.

The shoulders along the corridor on both sides of the road will be striped for bicycle lanes, connecting existing bicycle lanes south of Cornell Road to existing bicycle lanes on Hendricks Avenue that begin at the intersection of San Marco Boulevard. In order to provide a marked bicycle lane throughout the project limits, on-street parking will be removed from Cornell Road to Peachtree Circle North and from Dunsford Road to San Marco Boulevard. Between Peachtree Circle North and Dunsford Road, the roadway will be widened by narrowing the median allowing for on-street parking to remain.

The $5.4 million project is scheduled to be complete in spring 2019, barring any weather delays or unforeseen circumstances. 

Daytime lane closures are not permitted during northbound morning and southbound afternoon rush hours or near a signalized intersection or at the Hendricks Avenue Elementary School zone.

For further information, visit www.nflroads.com/sr13.