/Riverfront Park (AKA San Marco Beach)

Riverfront Park (AKA San Marco Beach)

(Source: LoriBoyer.Org) Construction of the new bulkhead at Riverfront Park is well underway and scheduled for completion in May. You may recall that when work began last year, we were short the required funds to complete the entire length. During the budget process in September we were able to add funds to the project so it is now being constructed as one continuous effort. In fact, pile driving has already begun on the segment that was added to the contract with FY 17/18 Budget funding.

I received a number of calls regarding the removal of the palm trees from the park which occurred one day last fall. I too was surprised, and disappointed, by that action. It had never been mentioned in any discussion of the project scope or I would have urged a change in the contract to require their protection. I understand that the contractor has more room to work without them, but I am not convinced it was necessary and now we will be forced to incur expense to replant.

The good news is that by summer, the work should be completed and we should have a completely functional bulkhead that will prevent the ongoing erosion issues we have seen in recent years. I know we will all welcome the return of the park as a community asset.