/Jimenez Law firm Sponsors Local STEM Event

Jimenez Law firm Sponsors Local STEM Event

STEM is a UNF student group, lead by Lee Giat, that is dedicated to science and astronomy education. Lee is a pilot who went to Russia and attended cosmonaut training, and happens to be the person who does the show in the planetarium at MOSH. The STEM produces a monthly educational youtube series that adventurously explores modern space and science.

Lee and The STEM teamed up with MOSH for the Mini Maker Faire on February 16th and created a short astrology film and presented a free and exciting program in the planetarium.

The Jimenez Law Firm sponsored the event for The STEM to help this student organization in its efforts to support education in our community.  The Law firm recognizes the importance of education and the need for positive influences on today‚Äôs youth in our community. They intend on continuing their support of this worthy organization and its efforts.

Tomas Jimenez Jr.

You can read more about Lee here: https://www.flyingostrich.org/about.html

Visit his Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/FlyingOstrich