/SUMMER (Definition Fitness)

SUMMER (Definition Fitness)

It’s official- Summer is upon us! Kids are getting out of school, vacations are being planned, and workouts will be missed. Alright, maybe “missed” isn’t the right word…. Neglected sounds more appropriate;) This newsletter is meant to arm you with tips and tricks to maintain, and even improve, your healthy lifestyle in the midst of all the summer activity. So we are introducing some new monthly themes….

Client of the month!

Hello, I’m Marla and I’m coming up on a year of working out at Definition Fitness. In my first session, I met with Patrick and expressed my goal to lose weight and learn about strength training, and over 60 lbs later, I’m still chipping away at my journey to optimize my health.    I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience here. Every week Patrick continues to challenge my abilities, and adjust each session to address, or accommodate, for any weaknesses or imbalances and complement my other fitness endeavors in hiking and pilates. Everyone is so encouraging, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do here, it’s hard not to leave feeling accomplished after each workout. 

What we are reading….

Book of the month

If you’ve ever wanted to know about time-restricted eating, the importance of sleep, and why we get jet lagged and how to get over it, this is the book for you.

It begins with an in-depth explanation of the circadian clock—why it’s important, how it works, and how to know it isn’t working. It then outlines lifestyle changes to make to get back on track. If you’d like to keep track of daily behaviors important for maintaining a healthy life, such as eating, sleeping, moving, and taking supplements and medications,install this app, plus you’ll be contributing to their ongoing research project.

Article of the Month

“Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic State: How Stress Affects Your Health” You might have heard us trainers talk about the nervous system, and being in the sympathetic or parasympathrtic state while working out, eating, and sleeping. This will help you better understand the difference and the importance of these states, and how to implement some stress management strategies.

Challenge of the month!

It’s June, and the sun is out! Take advantage and get some free vitamin D with this month’s challenge… Walk or run 1 lap around the block after your workout at Definition. If you want to know why we chose this challenge, read our blog for the explanation. https://www.definitionfitness.com/blog/june-challenge