/Stubbees Honey!

Stubbees Honey!

A few sweet udpates from our favorite Honey Store at 1960 San Marco Blvd!

Bees visit about 2 million Flowers to produce just 1lb of honey. We are halfway thru July and with August 17 being National Honey Day just one month away we will be dropping many announcements! 

Tupelo season is upon us! This rare and highly sought after Honey comes from the White Gum Tupelo Tree in the swamps of the Florida panhandle to Mississippi. It only blooms for 15 days and is hit constantly from pollen wash due to hives that have to be put in high flood prone areas along rivers like the Apalachicola. 

Honeybees are masters at telling the story of a plant through the interpretation of honey. Honey is the essence or soul of the flower you could say as the bees extract the precious nectar from each flower in order to produce nature’s gold. Starthistle has to be one of the most beautiful flowers that we take for granted but the bees absolutely appreciate and adore every crop.

🍯Superiority with simplicity! Our incredibly luxurious BEE SMOOTH body butter helps you with exactly what’s in its name! We blend a trifecta of Honey, Beeswax and REAL Fair-Trade Organic Shea Butter with healing Aloe Vera to make this everlasting butter go further while nourishing dry skin!

To see all they have to offer stop in to Stubbees Honey today!
Stubbees Honey
1960 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207