/Groomingdales Re-Opens 5/5/20

Groomingdales Re-Opens 5/5/20

WE REOPEN TUESDAY 5/5/2020!! Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate every one of you!

  1. First and foremost! If you are sick, have been sick, or around anyone who may be or is sick, or have traveled recently, PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT – THE CANCELLATION FEE WILL BE WAIVED! I cannot risk myself or my family getting sick (high risk). Thank you for understanding!
  2. APPOINTMENTS – We are currently booking for June. We will be open for appointments Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturdays to start. 
  3. PICK UP & DROP OFF – Please for everyone’s safety, wear a mask when dropping off and picking up. Please exercise (potty) your pet prior to your appointment time. Arrive at your appointment time and pick up within 20 minutes of “ready” text (please wait until you receive a “ready: text from us before showing up). The salon door will remain locked at all times. When you arrive, please call the shop or shoot me a text, Matt or I will unlock the door. Please do not enter until we are behind the gate. There will be a large kennel set up in the lobby area (picture above of set up), please place your dog inside a “clean” marked kennel and LOCK both latches. Take collars and leashes with you. There will be hand sanitizer on deck for you to use before and after as well (please use only one pump, its hard to find these days). Once you are outside, Matt or I will lock the door, retrieve your pup for grooming and the cage will be disinfected completely for the next client. The same goes for pick ups just in reverse. 
  4. Please be mindful and practice social distancing. If someone is inside the salon, please wait for them to leave. 
  5. PAYMENTS – please have exact change, check, or I can email you an invoice. Invoices must be paid the day of service. Thank you.
  6. At this time, we will not be taking new clients.
  7. In the salon, we will be cleaning and spraying constantly with a cleaning and disinfectant product designed to be safe around pets, kills COVID19, as well as parvo, staph, and all that other good stuff. Your dog’s appointment will take longer than normal due to the new way of cleaning between pets per the CDC guidelines. Thank you for your patience during this time. Once we get into the hang of things, I’m sure it will all start to run smoothly again.

I know all of this seems excessive or ridiculous, but for now it is our new norm. My top priority is my clients health, myself and my family’s. Second priority is NOT having to close for another 30 days!

If you have any questions about our new procedures, or even concerns, reach out to me! I am here for you.

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